We are happy to announce that the Yeti Adventure Challenge Silkeborg 2018 will be an official part of the EuroSeries in Adventure Racing.

It will be the first ever Adventure Race in Denmark on an International race calendar, taking place on the 16th – 19th of August.

After 3 years of constant focus on making Adventure Race grow nationally, we have now established the organization, knowhow and scale we wanted, before taking the next step and making the YACS an international race. We have developed into a flagship event for the city of Silkeborg, attracting a great crowd and introducing numerous participants to the sport via the shorter distances and by bringing the start and finish lines into the city centre, thus making the race both fun and accessible for the general public.

The help and feedback from Nathan Fa’avae and the rest of Team Seagate, participating in 2016, has been extremely valuable, just as the overwhelming 2017 coverage by Rob Howard from Sleepmonsters. So thanks for that.


So. What’s to come?

Being the outdoor capitol of Denmark and home to the largest woodland area in the country, we still think that the playground is too small for a EuroSeries race, so we are expanding the course to cover multiple regions in 2018. Participants will be dropped off somewhere far from here to complete a A to B course, ending up in Silkeborg after 40-60 hours of racing. Here, a crowd will be waiting to cheer you along as you finish the race in urban surroundings with live speak, music, big screen coverage and a swarm of curious adventure race first-timers, who have just completed their first 5 hour course.


– See you in August!