Team Yacs

[team_member photo=”” name=”Silkeborg OK” link=”” target=”_blank”] Powered by the experienced volunteers in Silkeborg Orienteering Club, the planning and execution of the actual race is safe and sound. Since the original race, SOK Multisport Challenge, started in 2005, they have delivered one of the most popular, professional and demanding adventure races in Denmark. Rest assured that your racing experience will be world class. [/team_member]

[team_member photo=”” name=”Jesper Valbak” position=”RacingDenmark” link=”” target=”_blank”] RacingDenmark is a professional race and event organisation, delivering knowledge, network and ressources to the organising team and premium outdoor equipment to the participants. [/team_member]

[team_member photo=”” name=”Liselotte Nis-Hanssen” position=”VisitSilkeborg” link=”” target=”_blank”] The Head of Tourism in Silkeborg has fallen in love. With Adventure Race. She is a motivational and organisational force of nature and aims to unite the entire city in the name of the great outdoors.[/team_member]

[team_member photo=”” name=”Erik Møller” position=”Nordisk A/s” link=”” target=”_blank”] No such thing as a standard sponsorship! The CEO of Yeti and Nordisk has really taken ownership and throws all his personal and organisational ressources in the pot to secure the highest quality experience. [/team_member]

[team_member photo=”” name=”Michael Tastesen” position=”EventSilkeborg” link=”” target=”_blank”] Michael knows no upper limits for ambition. Always looking to develop and add perspective, he is also your guarantee that the audience experience will be spectacular. [/team_member]

[team_member photo=”” name=”Helle Munk” position=”Radisson BLU Papirfabrikken” link=”” target=”_blank”] What a host! Professional, warm and thorough, Helle will outperform the strongest of athletes to secure the base of the race is above and beyond your wildest expectations. Journalists, VIPs, and luxury-seeking participants may look forward to first class accommodation [/team_member]