This years Fighter course is made to be a different, entertaining and exciting race in Silkeborg and the area surrounding the city.
The course will consist of loops, all starting at the start area at Papirfabrikken.

During the competition, the teams will try new things, have fun together, share happy moments and experience different disciplines.


4-7 hours


  • Prologue
  • Rope bridge
  • Tree climbing
  • Rafting
  • MTB-Orienteering
  • Orienteering
  • Sudoku
  • Special task


Part 1

The prologue will be longer than previous years, so the teams will be able to move further from the startarea. The tactics will play a key role in the prologue. Before heading out in the forest on the second part of the course, the teams will have to complete a special task.

Part 2

This year we have had the opportunity to make an A-B race, understood that when you start second part, there will be no loops, but the route continues until you are at the finish line.
There will be some TAs along the way, here you will be given what you need at the next stage. Which also means, that when you leave Papirfabrikken, you will not get back before you reach the finish line. So what you need along the way, you have to bring along.
We have been allowed to use the nature in a different way this year, which has opened up some different disciplin compositions. Therefore, you can look forward to some exciting, fun, challenging and different courses to this year’s Yeti ACS.


7-12 hours


  • Prologue
  • Special task
  • MTB-Orienteering
  • Canoe
  • Hike n bike
  • Bike n run n skate
  • Orientering n swim

Master – Euroseries


The Masters course of YACS will be part of Adventure Race Euroseries this year. This means that the total distance will be somewhat longer than before, but also that there will be several long stages over the course. But it also means that the participants can come a little further. This year, the start is at the center of Viborg, and when the teams arrives in Silkeborg, they have moved somewhere between 350 and 450 km.

Denmark has many smaller slopes, which make it a little more difficult to find a good rhythm for the teams. In addition, we have many areas with mixed surfaces, so the Master distance will make great demands for teams to change many times along the way.

Sleep, hunger and temperature fluctuations are also challenges for the teams. The fastest teams can manage without sleep, but everyone gets a minimum of two nights on the course. When you have to be in the water, on the water, travel on foot, inline skating and on a bike round the clock, you should be careful not to spend too much energy keeping your body at the right temperature, but have the necessary equipment available all the time.


40 – 60 hours


  • Paddling (kayak/canoe) 25%
  • Trekking/Running 30%
  • MTB 30%
  • Swimming 2%
  • Inlines 7%
  • Rope/Climbing 2%
  • Special tasks 4%